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BurnAware Professional 6.9

It offers you a full range of disc-burning tools to fit all your related needs
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BurnAware Professional offers you a full range of disc-burning tools to fit all your related needs. BurnAware comes in three editions: free, premium, and professional. This Professional edition is the most complete one and it includes all the tools and features developed by BurnAware. Whether you need to burn a simple data disc or a full-featured DVD movie, BurnAware Professional surely has a solution for you.

The program's main window is in fact a main menu that offers icon-based shortcuts to all the tools included with BurnAware Professional. These shortcuts are grouped in four categories: data, multimedia, disc images, and utilities, for an easy and quick identification. Besides, each shortcut launches its corresponding tool in a separate window. In the cases where it is appropriate, the tools include their own file navigator, so that you can locate your source files quickly and without leaving the program. As for the included tools, the program allows you to burn data discs, audio CDs, MP3 discs, and DVD movies. If you happen to be an advanced user, you also have tools to create custom discs with the file system of your choice and to create bootable discs.

The program offers you a complete set of tools to work with disc image (ISO) files too. You can burn ISO files into blank discs, create ISO files from your existing discs, create ISO files from your file system directly, and create bootable ISO files as well. Finally, BurnAware Professional also includes some handy extra tools to perform various other tasks, such as erasing re-writable discs and verifying disc's information, among others. Besides, the program includes several tools that are exclusive to this professional edition. For example, it supports direct disc copy, burning an ISO file into several blanks discs at once using several drives simultaneously, and the option to recover data from scratched discs.

Undoubtedly, BurnAware Professional offers a really comprehensive set of disc-burning tools that will surely fit all the needs of both beginners and professionals. The program's price, however, is a bit high as compared to similar tools from other companies. The $39.95 tag price includes just 1 year of free upgrades, though you can also opt for a $119.95 lifetime-upgrades option.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Suitable for both novices and professional users
  • Offers you all the burning tools and utilities developed by BurnAware
  • Allows you to create and burn ISO files
  • Supports burning an ISO file into multiple blank discs simultaneously
  • Capable of recovering data from scratched discs


  • Pretty expensive
  • You can test if for 10 days only without a license
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